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AnestasiA Vodka


AnestasiA Vodka Growing Domestically & Internationally

We’re pleased to report that one of our smooth and classy top picks from the summer of 2013 — AnestasiA Vodka — continues to grow both domestically and internationally. Distilled 5x... Read the full article ›

VodkaBuzz Gives AnestasiA Vodka 5 Stars

VodkaBuzz recently awarded 5 Stars, its highest rating, to AnestasiA Vodka. Read the Review Las Vegas Top Picks is not surprised, as we have loved this drink since the summer of 2013! We’ve... Read the full article ›

Anastasia Vodka

Anastasia Vodka is the common misspelling for AnestasiA Vodka, a luxury spirit that won several gold medals last year. There is a large amount of traffic for both Anastasia and... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Scores 94 BTI “Exceptional”

AnestasiA Vodka recently captured its third gold medal in taste tests! This last gold is the greatest—it comes from America’s oldest and most prestigious spirits competition, the Beverage Tasting Institute. For the... Read the full article ›

Coterie Boutique Downtown, AnestasiA Vodka Tasting

The old downtown of Las Vegas is swiftly transitioning into a renovated, hip, and fun area to visit. The Coterie Boutique is one cool new spot to swing by. AnestasiA,... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Bottle Design by Karim Rashid

I’ve written about the AnestasiA Vodka bottle several times; it continues to inspire me.  In fact a bottle is sitting atop my desk right now, and it’s been there for... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Gold Pentaward 2013

Anestasia Vodka is gleaning more gold medals! This time from Pentawards. Karim Rashid, the famous industrial designer and interior architect, was the entrant.

AnestesiA Vodka 2013 Gold Medal Winner, Craft Competition

AnestasiA Vodka recently won the 2013 Gold Medal in the International Craft Spirits Awards Competition! We know how to pick a top pick 😉    

AnestasiA Vodka Featured in Archetypes Article

We know a top pick when we see one. We picked AnestasiA Vodka over two months ago…and since then it’s been making a huge splash in Las Vegas, New York,... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka CEO Interviewed by Video City TV

Fun, lively interview from Video City TV, with the lovely, intelligent CEO Yuliya Mamontova. Yuliya explains their idea of American Luxury Vodka, then the “nasty girl” drink created especially for the Jim... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka vs Anastasia in History & Literature

On a sidenote, AnestasiA Vodka is sometimes misspelled AnastasiA Vodka, with four A’s instead of three. There are a variety of Anastasias out there, for example, the Grand Duchess Anastasia... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Lifestyle Blog

AnestasiA Vodka has a brand new blog filled with tastings, events, press, drinks, videos, and more. We hope you visit their site soon and sip some premium vodka at your... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka at Geisha House, Summerlin

AnestasiA Vodka continues its strong splash in Las Vegas! Pictures below. Last Thursday evening AnestasiA participated in Geisha House festivities. Geisha House Steak & Seafood is a new top shelf... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka at Liquor Library

AnestasiA Vodka put in some serious research at the Liquor Library recently. Tasting research, that is. I dropped in to check out the Liquor Library and another AnestasiA tasting. Travelers and visitors were... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka Drink Reviews

Could this be the hottest new vodka on the scene? Lately AnestasiA has been attracting a plethora of positive attention from various establishments, their patrons, tasting competitions, and reviewers. The luxury vodka is... Read the full article ›

AnestasiA Vodka at TAO Nightclub

I’ve discovered another stellar vodka — ultra smooth and a new embodiment of class — AnestasiA. 5x distilled, 5x filtered, hand-crafted in America, and naturally gluten-free. An “architectonic” bottle by international designer Karim... Read the full article ›